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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Pianificazione e progettazione della città e del territorio


Introduction to the Master Science Course (MSc) in Urban and Regional Planning and Design (PPCT)




“Designing sustainable and resilient cities and territories to meet the challenges of the 21st century"


The Master’s Sciences (MSc) degree in Urban and Regional Planning and Design (PPCT) provides a formative offer to enable specialists in these fields through innovative and multidisciplinary method in approaching knowledge and "treatment of complex problems". Low quality of living of contemporary urbanizations, climate change, environmental unsustainability, major migrations, social injustice, pandemics - all negative aspects linked to globalisation - are, indeed, heavily affecting settlements, calling for suitable policies and action. The Master’s degree – drawing on the formal joint collaboration of the Department of Architecture (DIDA) and the Department of Agricultural, Food, Environmental and Forestry Sciences and Technologies (DAGRI) of Florence University  - adopts a multidisciplinary, integrated and interactive approach. That particularly concerning the construction of design strategies aimed to the joint use of techniques and morphological and qualitative approach in places design. Courses match knowledge, methodologies and techniques of town and land use planning with those of ecology, economics, landscape architecture, agroforestry sciences and many other disciplines. In this framework the course deals with, among others, issues like integrated public spaces design, riverine areas recovery, urban and periurban farmland design, studies for food and energy planning. That also placing such issues in an wider international context, mainly supporting a critical approach and awareness to the current unbalanced relationships between the “global north and south” of the world.


Employment opportunities

The master’s degree trains professionals with the following specializations:

•        Regional planner and designer

•        Urban planner and designer

•        Planner and designer of public policies and participative processes 

•        Agronomist and forestry scientist expert in regional planning

         Expert in Environmental Evaluation methods and tools


Graduates in our MSc can be employed as a researcher in national and international research institutions in the field of urban, regional and rural planning and design.

Graduates can even be employed as officers or managers, in Local and national  bodies of public authorities (Ministries, Superintendence offices, Metropolitan Governments, Provinces, Municipality) or in National and International firms and private agencies, in in the field of urban, regional and rural planning and design.

The graduate in Urban and Regional Planning and Design (PPCT) can choose to register himself in the Register of Architects or in the Register of Agronomics, after getting over the related State exam.

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