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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Pianificazione e progettazione della città e del territorio

Experiences and Opinions of our graduates


  • ...I have dealing with

integrated food planning in my doctoral path ...

susteinable food planning, with an approach to bioregional design


  • about the course? 

interdisciplinary, transcalar and multilevel analysis methodology that allowed me to develop at best an integrated theoretical and practical approach, indispensable for spatial planning.



  • ...I have dealing with

town planning and landscape in Bordeaux ...

I am an urbanist-landscape designer of the Sysdau team

...responsible of the “charte des agricultures et des paysages” project

I am PhD student at the CNRS “PASSAGES”, whitin the École doctorale Montaigne Humanités (University of Bordeaux Montaigne)


  • about the course? 

territorialist approach is an added value because it characterizes the way of designing the analytical and project action with a structured approach ...

... ... characterizing element for future professional figures, especially in foreign contexts.




  • ...I have dealing with

I am a consultant for airport management companies (SAT, Alatoscana e Toscana Aeroporti), management infrastructure and facilities  (Autorità Portuale Toscana, Solvay Chimica, Gaia), real estate development (IRE/Dea Capital) and construction consultant (CMSA, CLC e SALES)


  • about the course? 

... ... gave me the overview on the territorial project ..

My figure as a Territorial Planner integrates perfectly with the role of project manager in charge of operational management, planning, process supervision and economic order control ...



  • ...I have dealing with

..... at the professional level of Sustainable Mobility and local planning ...

    ... I am investigating the thmes of visual perception and post-earquake reconstruction


  • about the course? 

solid and multidisciplinary preparation ... is the competitive advantage of the degree in PPCT.

Apparently "provincial" for geographical location and specificity of scope of the course, but which provides a variety of tools and fundamental knowledge for a changing world of work that becomes increasingly competitive and complex.




  • ...I have dealing with

...contract professor of the Urban Planning Course 2 in the Florence Architecture Course

    ... as a freelancer for individuals and public administrations in the field of participation and creative treatment of conflicts

at the same time I am also working on the growth of my two children .... debunking the belief that the world of research and free profession are off-limits for women-mothers!

  •  about the course? 

gave me a multifaceted, reflective, resilient and passionate professionalism, highly 'competitive' ....

...... and finally, at least apparently, freer!


last update: 09-Apr-2018
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